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Recognized Local Manufacturer/Assembler : Solar PV Modules

The following list contains companies that have been recognized as a local manufacturer/assembler of solar PV modules. Installations equipped with modules manufactured/assembled from these companies will be eligible for the bonus. Do take note of the approved module “model number” for each respective company, since only these model numbers will be eligible for the bonus.

    • Since 1999, First Solar’s thin-film PV modules have been deployed in over 17GW of projects worldwide.

      First Solar high efficiency modules are proven to deliver up to 7.5% more usable energy per nameplate watt then conventional silicon-based modules. Comparing two power plants with equivalent design installations and priced at the same cost per watt, the First Solar plant will produce more energy. This results in a lower Levelized Cost of Energy.

      First Solar has a demonstrated history of financial stability and manufacturing success. As a project partner, we bring extensive expertise into how today’s PV power plants are developed, financed, designed, constructed and operated to maximize profitability for our customers and strategic partners.

      First Solar’s leading global manufacturing facilities are located on a 160-acre site at the Kulim Hi-Tech Park in Kedah, Malaysia.

      Recognized Model No.

      Year: 2015    2016   2017    2018

      Product Datasheet Website Homepage


    • Since 2009, Flex Solar has manufactured and delivered more than 8 Million solar modules to our customers around the world. Our module products include 60-cell, 72-cell multi-crystalline, mono-crystalline, and mono PERC modules, having served solar installations in utility scale, residential, and commercial applications.

      Our customers have trusted Flex with our capability and daily execution to the most stringent designs, standards and technologies to ensure maximize efficiency, minimal cost and bankable performance for the next 25 years of operation.

      Our products are manufactured under Flex’s renowned Quality Management System of Excellence with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 certifications, and the modules undergo rigorous inspection to ensure the highest possible quality and reliability.

      Recognized Model No.

      Year: 2017    2018

      Product Datasheet Website Homepage


    • Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. emerged by combining two of the world’s most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers, Hanwha SolarOne and Hanwha Q CELLS.

      • • Listed on NASDAQ under trading symbol HQCL
      • • Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea (Executive Headquarter) and Thalheim, Germany (Technology Headquarter)
      • • World’s largest solar cell manufacturer and one of the largest photovoltaic module manufacturers
      • • International manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia and South Korea
      • • Global business network spanning Europe, Americas, Asia and Middle East
      • • Hanwha Q CELLS is flagship company of Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE® Global 500 firm and a Top-Ten business enterprise in South Korea.

      Recongized Model No. 

      Year: 2016  2017  2018

      Product Datasheet Website Homepage


    • Jinko Solar (NYSE :JKS) has been the world #1 PV module manufacturer since 2016, shipping a record of more than 9GW of PV modules in 2017. Headquartered in Shanghai, China Jinko Solar has a diversified portfolio in more than 80 countries and employing more than 15000 employees worldwide.

      Our current product portfolio includes polycrystalline modules, mono perc and half cell modules. In Malaysia, our production facilities are in Seberang Perai, Penang with the local production of both PV cells & modules. 

      Recognized Model No. 

      Year: 2016  2017 2018

      Product Datasheet Website Homepage



    • Panasonic began researching and developing amorphous solar cell in 1975 and became the first company in the world to commercialize it 5 years later. In 1997, we developed HIT, a proprietary hybrid structure that combines crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon to achieve the industry's highest level of generation capacity.

      Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn.Bhd was established in Malaysia and located in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah in December 2011. The facility provides an integrated manufacturing of wafer, cell, and module. Panasonic is determined to be a "Green innovation Company" that provide advanced-energy solution for generating, storing, and wisely using energy that fulfills of its objectives of improving the environment and enhancing business growth.

      Recognized Model No.

      Year: 2015  2016  2017  2018

      Product Datasheet Website Homepage


    • Promelight  is an internationally high-tech enterprise engaged in the world-class advanced PV technology . We are focusing on the research, development, sale and use of solar energy resources with a combination of various solar energy technology and professional staff. We supply all sorts of solar modules by our advanced international machines, strict quality control processes and complete production processes. Promelight's sales network has been quickly well spread globally. We strive to deliver our customers PV-Modules with great performance, reliability and low-cost. Our quality and environmental management system has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certifications and our products have received international quality certifications such as VDE, UL, CE, MCS, CE, and more. 

      Recognized Model No.

      Year: 2015  2016  2017

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