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Continuous Development Programme (CDP) for SEDA Malaysia Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Qualified Persons (QPs)   25/04/2018
Guideline on Solar Photovoltaic Installation under Net Energy Metering (NEM) Scheme, 8th February 2018.   16/03/2018
Seminar on Energy Audit Conditional Grant (Commercial & Industry) under the RMK-11   15/02/2018
Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-01/2018:Tawaran Sebut Harga bagi Merekabentuk, Menterjemah, Mencetak dan Membekal Laporan Tahunan 2017 bagi SEDA Malaysia   05/02/2018
NEW TRAINING COURSE: "Operation & Maintenance of Biogas Power Plant Course"   14/12/2017
Guidelines for Eligibility of the S02 Bonus – “Use as Building Material” for Solar PV Applications under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Mechanism   06/12/2017
SEDA (SH) 09/ 2017 - Perolehan Hijau: Tawaran Sebut Harga Membekal, Menghantar, Memasang, Menguji, Mentauliah dan Menyelenggara Perkakasan ICT untuk SEDA Malaysia   30/10/2017
Renewable Energy Transition Roadmap completed by next year   24/05/2018
Sarawak manfaatkan teknologi memuncul untuk perkukuh agenda tenaga boleh diperbaharui   24/05/2018
ISES 2018 to discuss future of energy market   23/05/2018
Sarawak embraces emerging technologies to boost renewable energy agenda - Abang Jo   23/05/2018
SEDA, Sarawak government to co-host 'ISES 2018' in Kuching   23/05/2018
700 Participants Expected At 4th ISES   22/05/2018
Pelan Induk Sistem Grid Air Sarawak sedang dimuktamad, diteliti: Dr Rundi   22/05/2018
Kuching to host energy summit from April 10-11   21/05/2018

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Recognized Local Manufacturer/Assembler : Gasifier

The following list contains companies that have been recognized as a local manufacturer/assembler of gasifier.

    • Pollution Engineerings (M) Sdn Bhd (PEMSB) is an environmental engineering company established since 1980 with expertise in custom designing, manufacturing, installing, testing and commissioning of technologies involving solid waste and renewable energy such as gasification system, pyrolysis system, incineration system and anaerobic digestion system.

      PEMSB not only provides assembling services but also operation and maintenance to local companies with imported technologies.

      PEMSB is also the core player in providing technologies in the industry and domestic wastewater as well as air pollution treatment.

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