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Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-11/2018 : Perolehan Hijau- Tawaran Sebutharga Membekal, Menghantar, Memasang, Menguji, Mentauliah serta Menyelenggara Server dan Menaik Taraf Sistem Email untuk SEDA Malaysia   16/08/2018
NEW TRAINING COURSE: "Operation & Maintenance of Biogas Power Plant Course"   02/08/2018
Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-05/2018: Consultancy for Local Authorities Business Plan on Green Technology Incentive Scheme for Households and SMEs   01/08/2018
Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-08/2018: Consultancy for Low Carbon Public Transport (Bus): Scaling-Up Financing and Viable Business Cases for Cities.   01/08/2018
Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-09/2018: Project Consultancy for The Development of Low Carbon Cities Assessment and Accreditation Panel, Facilitator and Accessor/Verifier Training Curriculum Under ‘Train The Trainer’ Activity for GTALCC   31/07/2018
Sebut Harga SEDA(SH)-10/2018: Project Consultancy Work for The Study on an Institutional Framework for Low Carbon Cities   31/07/2018
Jobs@SEDA - Legal Advisor   25/07/2018
Jobs@SEDA - Audit Assistant – Internal Audit Unit   11/07/2018
Four IPP contracts axed amid spending cuts   13/07/2018
Four IPP deals scrapped, more under review   13/07/2018
Government allocates RM114 million to subsidise electricity   13/07/2018
Electricity tariffs to remain till Dec, minister says govt absorbing costs   12/07/2018
Kerajaan peruntukkan RM114 juta subsidi surcaj pengguna domestik   12/07/2018
No increase in electricity tariffs for domestic users in the next six months, says Minister   12/07/2018
Putrajaya to cancel four new IPPs, another four under review   12/07/2018
Yeo Bee Yin : Malaysia decided to cancel 4 IPP contracts   12/07/2018

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Photo Gallery 2017


29/4/2017 Sungaiku Hartaku Programme Photo Gallery
1/5/2017 Pelancaran Pesta Kaamatan Photo Gallery
3/5/2017 Briefing on Acceptance Test and Performance Assessment (AT&PA) Guideline for Biogas Power Plant Photo Gallery
4/5/2017 Energy Efficiency Management for Energy Audit in Building Training Photo Gallery

SEDA Malaysia Branding Exercise Workshop

Photo Gallery
8/5/2017 Majlis Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang & Ikrar Bebas Rasuah oleh Kementeriaan Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air (KeTTHA) Photo Gallery
10/5/2017 BSEEP National Conference Photo Gallery
12/5/2017 SEDA Malaysia Open Days Photo Gallery
14/5/2017 Renewable Energy (RE) Initiatives Briefing  Photo Gallery
19/7/2017 SEDA Malaysia Raya Open House 2017 Photo Gallery
15/8/2017 Energy Management & Energy Audit in Building Training Photo Gallery
19/8/2017 Program Jelajah Yahijau Siri 2 Tenom, Sabah Photo Gallery
12/9/2017 Jemputan ke Sesi Demonstrasi MySuria Photo Gallery
16/9/2017 Program Jelajah Yahijau Siri 3 Keningau,Sabah Photo Gallery
25/9/2017 Updates on Solar PV Programme in Malaysia Photo Gallery
11/10/2017 - 13/10/2017 SEDA Malaysia Open Days Photo Gallery
28/10/2017 Blockchain Brainstorming Workshop Photo Gallery


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Photo Gallery


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