To promote the deployment of sustainable energy measures as part of the solutions towards achieving energy security and autonomy.


  • Ensure sustainable energy plays an important role in the nation’s economic development and environment conservation;
  • Ensure existing sustainable energy programmes are managed prudently and efficiently;
  • Continuously assess new potential sustainable energy solutions in partnership with our domestic and international stakeholders to diversify and complement the existing portfolio of our existing sustainable energy programmes; and
  • Advocate the public towards accepting responsibility in a paradigm shift towards living sustainably.

Core Values

In carrying out our roles and responsibilities to the rakyat of Malaysia,
SEDA Malaysia operates within the following core values :

  • Accountability : We are responsible to implement the laws related to sustainable energy.
  • Governance : We carry out our work with transparency, openness and integrity.
  • Efficiency & Competency : We carry out our work within a declared client charter to effectively achieve our goals.
  • Human Resource Development : We strive to develop a pool of talent for the sustainable energy industry to accelerate its growth.