Image module


  • The larger circle denotes the sun which is the largest source of renewable energy
  • The smaller circle denotes the earth. SEDA is reminded that efforts on the sustainable use of energy have an impact that goes beyond the boundaries of the country; these efforts impact the entire planet.
  • A circle has no end; this represents the unending efforts of SEDA to sustain energy development in the country.


  • The leaf is a metaphoric representation of being organic. SEDA is expected to grow in wisdom and in strength with time.

Silver Color

Silver has 2 properties : it either shines with care or tarnishes with neglect. Silver as a colour has a double- prong message for SEDA :

  • SEDA is reminded that as an organization her reputation can either shine or tarnish depending on the concerted efforts of her members and employees and the way each of them carries him/herself.

Blue Color

  • Blue also denotes credibility, trust, loyalty and importantly authority.