TNB Nodal Points for Feed-in Tariff System

The list of Nodal Points can be used as a preliminary guide for any new Renewable Energy (RE) projects to be connected to TNB’s distribution network at medium voltage levels (33kV and 11kV). These nodal points can be used as a reference for new RE projects in the TNB distribution network under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system as well as projects under the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme. The list of nodal points were established based on the following criteria: –

  1. Distribution substations with short circuit fault levels of not more than 90% of the switchgear rating, to meet the requirement stated in clause of the Distribution Code; and
  2. There is sufficient load at the substation:
    1. For FiT projects (direct connection), the maximum capacity of connections that are allowed is based on 85% of the average minimum load at the Main Intake Substation (PMU).
    2. For NEM projects (indirect connection), the maximum allowable connection capacity is based on 75% of the average Maximum Demand (MD) of the NEM applicant.

Please take note that the list of nodal points can only be used as a preliminary check before conducting the NEM Assesment Study (NEMAS) or Power System Study (PSS) and the final decision on the interconnection and approved capacity will be solely based on the results of the actual NEMAS and PSS.

TNB Nodal Points – as of April 2020
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