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[Latest Update] : Opening of 2016 Quota for Biogas, Biomass & Small Hydro starting from 10.00 am on 15 March 2016

PUTRAJAYA, March 11, 2016 (latest updated)

SEDA is pleased to announce opening of 2016 Quota for Biogas, Biomass, Small Hydro and Solar PV [Community] as follow :

Date / Time


March 15, 2016

10.00 am

Opening of 2016 Quota for Biogas, Biomass and Small Hydro starting from 10.00 a.m.

March 22, 2016


July 31, 2016 (5.00pm)

Profile registration of the following 3 communities intending to participate in the Feed-in Tariff programme under the Community category :

  • EDU for Educational Institutions;
  • REL for Place of Worship;
  • CARE for Care Centres.

Profile of community participating in this Solar PV [Community] category must be approved by SEDA Malaysia before any Feed-in Approval [Community] application can be submitted.

April 19, 2016

10.00 a.m.

Opening of 2016 Quota for Solar PV [Community] and upon profile approval, submission of online Feed-in Approval [Community] application via the e-FiT online system.

Before making any Feed-in Approval application, eligible producers are strongly advised to read and understand all the rules and regulations as stipulated in the Renewable Energy Act 2011, its subsidiary legislations, SEDA’s Guidelines and Determinations and the related Step-by-step Guide.

Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia

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