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Continuous Development Programme (CDP) for SEDA Malaysia Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Qualified Persons (QPs)   20/07/2017
Jobs@SEDA - Assistant Director (Corporate Communication)   20/07/2017
Jobs@SEDA - Programmer   05/07/2017
Tawaran Penyertaan "Projek Sistem Pemantauan Solar PV Nasional dan Pengkalan Data" Kepada Pemegang Kelulusan Galakan (PKG/FiAH) yang Berminat (Kapasiti maksima 1000kW)   21/06/2017
Perolehan Hijau: Tawaran Sebut Harga bagi Perkhidmatan Menulis, Merekabentuk, Mencetak dan Membekal Majalah “Transitioning The Nation Towards Sustainable Energy Malaysia (TTNTSE)” untuk tahun 2017 dan 2018 bagi SEDA Malaysia   30/05/2017
Schedule for the Solar PV Community Quota Opening 2017   15/03/2017
Q&A Compilation and New TOR for RETR 2050   21/11/2016
Launching of eNEM online system for Net Energy Metering applications   31/10/2016

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SEDA Malaysia is pleased to inform that REGISTERED PV SERVICE PROVIDERS RENEWAL AND NEW REGISTRATION FOR THE YEAR 2017 will be opened for application STARTING FROM 1st SEPTEMBER 2016 until further notice. All PV Service Providers which have clients that received Feed-in Approval for the year of 2017 quota are required to register with SEDA Malaysia. Failing to do so, may cause an implications to your client's projects.

All PV Service providers should nominate a Wiremen PW2 for Single Phase OR PW4 for 3-phase connection who hold certificate of SEDA GCPV for Wiremen & Chargeman.

Listing a Registered PV Service Provider is subject to the discretion of SEDA Malaysia. SEDA Malaysia has the right to approve or cancel the registration listing includes removing any Registered PV Service Providers in violation of the terms and conditions of the listing at any time. To register, please submit your online registration at www.seda.gov.my under the Directory section.

If you may have enquiry, please email to Ishamuddin@seda.gov.my or call at 03-8870 5800.

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