As a continuity from Energy Audit Conditional Grant under RMK-11 Energy Efficiency Projects for year 2016-2020, the Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG 2.0) is an energy efficiency programme under the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK-12) for the implementation year of 2021-2025. This programme is supported by grants which were allocated for the year 2021 until 2025 to commercial and industrial sectors to collaborate with local Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) registered with the Energy Commission (ST) to conduct energy audit in their buildings.

The programme is executed by Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA). SEDA Malaysia is the implementing agency and ST is the coordinator for this program. SEDA Malaysia is the implementing agency for both commercial and industrial sector.

 Implementation of project consists of:

  • Executing Ministry: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Secretariat: Energy Commission
  • Implementing agency: SEDA Malaysia (Commercial & Industrial Sector)


  1. Any installation (industrial and commercial) which receives minimum electrical energy from a licensee or supply authority with a total electrical energy consumption equal to or exceeding 100,000 kWh/month as measured at one metering point or more over any period;
  2. Not eligible for any installation which have received grant from the previous Energy Audit Conditional Grant RMk-11;

Terms and Conditions

  1. For applicants :
    1. Listed under Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation 2008 (EMEER 2008), applicant shall appoint or designate a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) to carry out the functions and duties (for Peninsular and Sabah);
    2. Not listed under EMEER 2008, applicant shall appoint or designate a person-in-charge that responsible to carry out the functions and duties as energy manager;
  2. The Energy audit exercise must be completed within two (2) months starting from the date of contract signing;
  3. One owner/operator can apply for one installation only and must appoint an Energy Service Company (ESCO) registered with Energy Commission or Electrical Inspectorate Unit, EIU (for Sarawak only) for the energy audit implementation. (List of the ESCO can be referred via st.gov.my/web/consumer/esco )
  4. Energy audit grant will be provided to eligible applicant. However, applicants need to be agreed and ready to implement the energy saving measures for which the cost of implementation is equal, or more than the received amount of energy audit grant (The implementation cost could be borne by applicant);
  5. The implementations of the energy saving measures are according to energy audit report and shall be within 3 years after the completion of energy audit. However, the No Cost Energy Saving Measures should be implemented immediately after acceptance of the energy audit final report for the benefits of the applicant;
  6. The installation must come with a sub-metering for energy consumption monitoring purpose within contract period (3 years) after the energy audit is completely done.

Energy audit is a systematic process to understand how and where the energy being used, to explore on how to manage it and identify the energy savings potential. In general, the project components consist of:

  1. Implementation of Energy Audit by the ESCO appointed by the installation owner/operator which include both areas of electrical and thermal energy (if any);
  2. Implementation of the Energy Saving Measures by the installation owner/operator with the investment cost must equal or more than the received grant value, including Monitoring & Reporting (for 3 years after energy audit); and
  3. Capacity building & trainings of energy audit and energy management of electrical and thermal.

Value Added

  • To provide financial facility (assistance) through the 5 years (2021-2025) conditional grant;
  • As a catalyst for the implementation of energy audits and to identify the total energy consumption as well as setting up the baselines for industrial and commercial buildings;
  • To provide a platform and facilitation for the implementation the energy saving measures (ESM) according to the outcome of energy audit report;
  • Capacity development for building owner and ESCOs, in order to fulfil the current and future demand of energy management in industrial and commercial sector; and
  • To foster awareness on the importance of energy management among the industrial and commercial building owners in Malaysia in order to reduce the electricity consumption.

Quota Remaining for Year 2022

Industrial Grant Quota 30%
Commercial Grant Quota 46%

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How to Apply

For those are eligible and interested, please download the application form below and email to [email protected] / [email protected] :


Any building under this Energy Audit Conditional Grant (EACG) Program for Commercial and Industrial Sector which has been implemented the Energy Saving Measures and achieve the energy saving is eligible for SEDA Malaysia Sustainable Low Carbon Building Assessment using the Construction Industry Standard 2012, CIS 20:2012 (GreenPASS) assessment scheme.

Please visit www.seda.gov.my/greenpass for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Officer Contact No Email
Mohd Shah Hambali Arifin 03-8870 5849 [email protected]
Muhammad Zulkhairee Md Zabani 03-8870 5814 [email protected]