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Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia

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Voluntary Sustainable Energy Low Carbon Building Assessment

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Building Energy Data Online Monitoring System

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UN Environment

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Voluntary Sustainable Energy Low Carbon Building Assessment (Under the Low Carbon Building Facilitation Program)

  • Buildings represent the biggest opportunities for carbon reduction in mitigating climate change, as they are responsible for about 80-90% of the carbon emissions during their operations.
  • A lot of initiatives on sustainable energy low carbon building has been done but absent the way to access the achievement.
  • The assessment program will become platform to appreciate the sustainable energy low carbon building initiatives, using UNEP-SBCI Common Carbon Metric / CIDB’s CIS20-GreenPASS.


  • To support the low carbon cities development.
  • To provide national consistency and a common language around the definition of low carbon building.
  • To provide systematic assessment to encourage energy efficiency in building implementation.
  • To provide platform for carbon reduction in building sector to support government target to reduce 40-45% CO2 intensity in 2030.
  • As platform for building owners to declare the performance of the buildings.
  • To support government initiatives (RMK-11, LCCF, NEEAP, Energy Audit Program).
  • To provide a basis for ongoing assessment and evaluation of low carbon building.
  • As alternative platform towards achieving Green Building Certification (MyCREST, GBI, etc.)
  • To facilitate local authorities to develop Common Carbon Metric for various building typologies.


  • Construction Industry Standard 2012, CIS 20:2012 – (GreenPASS)
  • MS1525 : Code of Practice use of EE & RE for Non-residential building
  • Common Carbon Metric by UNEP-SBCI


  • Any building owner
  • Developers
  • Local Authorities
  • Private & Government
  • Any EE Building project (new/retrofit building)
Sustainable Energy Low Carbon Building Assessment – Application Form
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For registration and submission, kindly visit https://www.seda.gov.my/bedos

For more information, please contact :